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Do I really need a website?
Who is my website for?
How will people find my site?

How do I pick the right name for my website?

If all expected visitors will already have details of your website address it doesn't matter too much what you call it. If you intend to promote the website by advertising it in the media, on the side of vans, by handbills or by word of mouth, you need a name that people can remember. If you are promoting an established business it follows that your site should have the same name if possible. You might develop a website for a particular campaign in which case you might choose the name of the product or base the name on the advertising tag line.

The website's name is called a domain name. If you ran a restaurant that had as one of it's specialties, Prunes and Custard, you might choose as the domain name. You will notice that the spaces have disappeared as have the capital letters. Some characters are illegal in domain names, they include: space, &, ', “, / and _. It is possible to hyphenate names thus: but this is not normally done. There are several ways that the name may end. The best known is .com but there are others that are relevant to the UK: .eu .org .net .biz .info .mobi .cn .es .be .cc .tv

What domain names should I avoid?
Should I build my own website?

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