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Do I really need a website?
Who is my website for?
How will people find my site?
How do I pick the right domain name for my website?

What domain names should I avoid?

A decade ago it was popular to select an adjective and a noun, stick them together, ( - that sort of thing) apply then to a pretty but often broken website, with little or no infrastructure to support it. Then promote the name until the companies funds ran out; at which point the cycle could be repeated until the stock market cottoned on to what was happening and declared an end to the dot-com bubble. Word pairs were often used because single words had already been taken.

What is required is a name that is both memorable and relevant to your business. If you have thought carefully about your business name it will often be the idea name for your website. If your restaurant is called “La Carotte D'or” that would be the name most people would expect to look for on the internet ( Why would they think your website is called just because it is one of your specialties? There are a couple of other considerations here; spelling and punctuation. The French spelling of the word carrot uses one 'r' and two 't's and so visitors to the site may well misspell the domain name. The apostrophe in “D'Or” may also confuse some users. The business name here converts to the domain name in a less than ideal way.

Should I build my own website?

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