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The Eventcover Education project illustrated here provides monitoring of NVQ Assessment in Spectator Safety for office administrators, assessors, candidates, their employers, the venues where they are used as well as the certificate awarding and funding bodies.

Each type of user requires different views of the information and candidate confidentiality means that certain information is withheld from certain types of user.

As an assessment is made it is recorded. These audio files are then uploaded to the system so that they can be verified. When the NVQ is complete the candidate may choose to have a full record including the audio provide on disk.

It includes systems that monitor contact with at-risk candidates, assessment verification and supervision. It even assigns candidates to available assessors.

The system went live in November 2008 but continues to have new features added. It uses a MySQL database and runs using the programming language PHP. It runs on a dedicated server to provide fast response across the internet.

This is the essence of cloud computing as Wikipedia describes it.

Eventcover Education page

Eventcover Education page

Eventcover Education page
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