Is it time to give your website a makeover? Are you getting the number of accesses you were hoping for? If it's a commercial site, is it generating as many clients as you had hoped? The way you present your message will significantly affect it's impact.

One thing that tends to put people off when they browse, is a site that appears to be out of date. Perhaps your website would benefit from a facelift.

Take these two views of Hexham Abbey; the picture on the left is so cluttered that all you can see is part of the top of the tower. The picture below is a much clearer composition. Do people find the information that they expect to on your website? There can be other issues too.

Hexham Abbey viewed through archIf you were thinking that it's time for a new look, here are a few reasons:

As users have moved from dial-up and slow broadband speeds to faster connections, so sites on the web change to take advantage. Many people now surf the net using their mobile phones - the iPhone is particularly good for this. Does your website work with modern devices? For some sites this doesn't matter, but if your site is the shop window to your business it could be time for a change.

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Hexham Abbey viewed from Hallstile Bank